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Book Stall Working

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Tuesday to Sunday:    9:30 A.M. to 12:00 Noon
                                    4:30 P.M. to 7:30 P.M.

Monday: Holiday

Library Working


Tuesday to Sunday:    9:00 A.M. to 12:00 Noon
                                    4:00 P.M. to 6:30 P.M.

Monday: Holiday


                 On annual celebrations and festivals Library Office works half ( 9 A.M. to 12 Noon ) day.

Membership Service

        The library offers membership to adult residents, in and around Basavanagudi area, Bangalore city. To be enrolled as a member, fill in the prescribed application form, available at a cost of Rs. 1/- in the library, produce appropriate identification/introduction by a monastic member of the Ramakrishna Order. The use of the library is restricted to the members only.


a. Provide two stamp or passport size photographs for Books / CDs / Cassettes membership only.

b. Admission fee of Rs. 10/-

c. Provide Security Deposit as mentioned below which is refundable during the time of cancellation.

                i) Rs. 100/- for Book Membership

                ii) Rs. 50/- for Audio Cassette Membership

                iii) Rs. 100/- for Audio CD Membership

d. Annual Maintenance Charge:

                i) Rs. 100/- for Book Membership

                ii) Rs. 50/- for Audio Cassette Membership

                iii) Rs. 100/- for Audio CD Membership


        Admission fees may varie from time to time

Membership Summary

        A Membership Card (MC) and a Borrower's Card (BC) will be issued. The BC will be valid for a period of ONE year only from the date of enrolment. The BC can be renewed by paying the Annual Maintenance Charge.

        In case the renewal of the BC is not done within the grace period of ONE month, the membership will be cancelled. The Security Deposit will be used for the development of the Library, if it remains unclaimed for a period of three months from the date when its renewal was due.

        The MC and the BC are not transferable. The Member is requested to be careful not to lose his/her MC and BC. But if lost, report it at the earliest in writing, to the Library. The member is responsible for any loss which the Library suffers from the misuse of his/her Cards.

        Duplicate MC or BC will be issued on payment of Rs. 10/- in each case, after a lapse of FIFTEEN days from the date of declaration in writing about the loss.

Refund of Deposit:

    The deposit amount will be refunded when a member wishes to discontinue his/her membership. It should be communicated to us in writing. No outstanding dues should be there and the following should be returned:

1. Membership Card

2. Borrower's Card

    The member must come personally to receive the Refundable Security Deposit amount which carries no interest.

Change of Address:

    Members should keep the Library informed of any change of address, in writing, to effect the correction in the Library records.


    The President has the discretionary power to cancel the membership of anyone, without any reason.

Services of Lending:

    Only one Book will be issued, at a time, for a period of TWO weeks, on each BC.

    Only one Cassette will be issued, at a time, for a period of ONE week, on each BC.

    Only one CD will be issued, at a time, for a period of ONE week, on each BC.

        Before leaving the Issue Counter, the Member shall satisfy himself/herself about the condition of the Book/Cassette/CD. If any defect or damage is found, it should be brought to the notice of the Library authorities. Otherwise the member will be deemed responsible for the same and will be expected to make good the loss.

        A member failing to return the borrowed Book/Cassettes/CD for more than a month after the due date, will lose the borrowing privileges for an equivalent period of time.

    Cost of the damaged or the lost Books/Cassettes/CDs must be paid for at the rate to be determined by the President. Books/Cassettes/CDs on loan may be recalled by the Librarian when urgently required.

        In case a Member fails to return the borrowed Book/Cassette/CD before the due date of the fist Renewal Notice or falls overdue, the Library Authorities reserve the right to take suitable action as deemed necessary in order to recover the Book/Cassette/CD or cancel the Membership and forfeit the Deposit amount, towards the replacement of the non-returned Book/Cassette/CD.

Reservation of Books/Cassettes/CDs:

    A particular Books/Cassettes/CD required by a Member, found listed in the catalogue or computer data base, but not available on the shelf can be reserved by filling in the cards made available at the Library counter.

Entry into the Library:

        The members are requested to produce the MC while entering the Library and sign the Register.

        Personal belongings such as bags, briefcases, personal Books/Cassettes/CDs etc., are not allowed inside the Library. They must be deposited at the Counter. The Library does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to these personal belongings left on the premises.

        The Library reserves the right to search the belongings brought into and while taking out of the Library, if necessary, for security reasons.

Care of Books/Cassettes/CDs

        Library Books/Cassettes/CDs are to be handled with care. Members are held responsible for any disfiguring, damage or loss caused by them.


        If and when rules and regulation are amended, the same will be announced on the notice board.

General Information:

        The members are expected to return the Books/Cassettes/CDs on or before the due date stamped on the DUE DATE LABEL. An overdue charge will be levied on any Book/Cassette/CD returned after the due date.

                i) Re. 1/- per day on Books.

                ii) Rs. 1/- per day on Cassettes.

                iii) Re. 1/- per day on CDs.

        The members are requested to seek the assistance of the members of the Library Staff for any guidance or information. Since there few reference books which cannot be issued.

        The members are requested to maintain silence and decorum in consonance with the Math atmosphere.

        Hearty co-operation of the Members is hereby solicited for the smooth working of the Library.