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The Vedanta Kesari

The Vedanta Kesari,  meaning ” Lion of Vedanta”,  is a spiritual and cultural monthly in English published from Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai.

Background and Inspiration:

Under the inspiration of Swami Vivekananda, a group of his disciples in Madras, including G. Venkataranga Rao, M.C. Nanjunda Rao and Alasinga Perumal, started on 14 September 1895 a monthly journal bearing the title Brahmavadin. It continued to be brought out regularly for 14 years, until Alasinga’s demise in 1909. From 1909 to 1914, the publication of Brahmavadin became quite irregular. The last issue was brought out in 1914 (March-April).  Soon after, the Brahmavadin’s legacy was continued by a new journal, The Vedanta Kesari, started by Sri Ramakrishna Math Chennai, and has been in circulation ever since.



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Prabuddha Bharata

Editorial : Vedanta for the Modern Age

    Swami Vivekananda says: ‘It [Vedanta] comes whenever religion seems to disappear and irreligion seems to prevail, and that is why it has taken ground in Europe and America.’ Swamiji describes how it saved India twice in the past: ‘Buddha brought the Vedanta to light, gave it to the people, and saved India. A thousand years after his death a similar state of things again prevailed. The mobs, the masses, and various races, had been converted to Buddhism; naturally the teachings of the Buddha became in time degenerated, because most of the people were very ignorant. Buddhism taught no God, no ruler of the universe, so gradually the masses brought their gods, and devils, and hobgoblins out again, and a tremendous hotchpotch was made of Buddhism in India. Again materialism came to the fore, taking the form of licence with the higher classes and superstition with the lower. Then Shankaracharya arose and once more revivified the Vedanta philosophy. He made it a rationalistic philosophy. … By Buddha the moral side of the philosophy was laid stress upon, and by Shankaracharya, the intellectual side. He worked out, rationalised, and placed before men the wonderful coherent system of Advaita.’



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