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Chronology of Main Events

1775Birth of Kshudiram, Sri Ramakrishna’s father.
1791Birth of Chandra Devi, Sri Ramakrishna’s mother.
1805Birth of Ramkumar, Sri Ramakrishna’s eldest brother.
1814Kshudiram settles at Kamarpukur, Sri Ramakrishna’s birthplace.
1826Birth of Rameshwar, Sri Ramakrishna’s elder brother.
1835Kshudiram's pilgrimage to Gaya.
1836Birth of Sri Ramakrishna, known in boyhood as Gadadhar, February 18, about 5:15 a.m.
1842 or 1843First trance of Gadadhar at the sight of white birds and dark clouds.
1843Death of Kshudiram.
1845Gadadhar's sacred thread ceremony.
1850Ramkumar opens his school in Kolkata.
1852Gadadhar comes to Kolkata.
1853Birth of the Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi, December 22.
1855Dakshineshwar Kali temple founded. Ramkumar became priest of Kali Temple. Gadadhar, known as Sri Ramakrishna, took over the dressing and decorating of the Divine Mother. Hriday, nephew of Sri Ramakrishna, assisted Ramkumar and Sri Ramakrishna. Sri Ramakrishna appointed first priest of the Vishnu temple and then of the Kali temple. Ramkumar appointed priest of the Vishnu temple.
1856Death of Ramkumar. Sri Ramakrishna’s first vision of Mother Kali as ocean ofLight.
1857Sri Ramakrishna remains mostly in a God-intoxicated state. His treatment under Ganga Prasad Sen.
1858Haladhari, Sri Ramakrishna’s cousin, appointed priest at Dakshineshwar. Sri Ramakrishna goes to Kamarpukur.
1859Sri Ramakrishna's marriage. Stays at Kamarpukur for 1˝ years.
1860Return to Dakshineshwar. Mathur's vision of Sri Ramakrishna as Shiva and Kali.
1861Death of Rani Rasmani. Meeting with Bhairavi Brahmani. Tantra practice under the Brahmani starts.
1863Completion of Tantra practice. Chandra Devi comes to live at Dakshineshwar.
1864Sri Ramakrishna's practice of vatsalya bhava under Jatadhari. Practice of madhur bhava. Initiation into sannyasa by Totapuri.
1865Akshay, Sri Ramakrishna’s nephew, replaces Haladhari. Totapuri leaves Dakshineshwar.
1866Sri Ramakrishna in the Advaita plane for six months. Practice of Islam.
1867Sri Ramakrishna at Kamarpukur. Brahmani bids farewell.
1868Pilgrimage with Mathur to Deoghar, Varanasi, Allahabad and Vrindaban. Meeting with Ganga Ma, a Vaishnava woman devotee.
1870Visit with Mathur to eastern parts of Bengal including Kalna and Navadvip. Meeting with Bhagavandas Babaji at the Colootola Harisabha.
1871Death of Mathur.
1872The Holy Mother's first visit to Dakshineshwar. The Shodashi Puja.
1873Death of Rameshwar, elder brother of Sri Ramakrishna.
1874The Holy Mother’s second visit to Dakshineshwar. Sri Ramakrishna’s practice of Christianity, and vision of Christ.
1875Sri Ramakrishna's first visit to Keshab Chandra Sen. Sri Ramakrishna's last visit to Kamarpukur.
1876Death of Chandra Devi.
1877Death of Shambhu Mallick. The Holy Mother's third visit to Dakshineshwar.
1878Close contact with Keshab and the Brahmos.
1879Coming of disciples begins.Ramachandra Datta and Manomohan Mitra come to the Master.
1880Surendra Nath Mitra comes to the Master.
1881Dismissal of Hriday. Rakhal (later Swami Brahmananda), Narendra (later Swami Vivekananda) and Balaram Bose come to the Master.
1882M. (Mahendra Nath Gupta) and Baburam (later Swami Premananda) come to the Master. Visit to Pundit Vidyasagar. The Holy Mother again at Dakshineswar.
1883Adhar, Shashi (later Swami Ramakrishnananda) and Sarat (later Swami Saradananda) come to the Master.
1884Kalipada and Kaliprasad (later Swami Abhedananda) come to the Master. Death of Keshab. Meeting with Pundit Shashadhar. Gopal’s Ma and Nag Mahashay come.
1885The Holy Mother comes to live at Dakshineswar for the last time. The “inner circle” of disciples becomes complete with the coming of Purna. Last visit to Panihati. Illness and removal to Shyampukur. Association with Dr. Sarkar. Removal to Cossipore.
1886Treatment at Cossipore. Organization of disciples. Mahasamadhi on 16 August, at two minutes past 1 a.m.